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The Only Business Strategy. Internet Earnings Strategy

There is a race that we all run and it is called the human race.

The unfortunate thing is that the majority of the people in the human race are also running in the rat race. Since these guys run two diverse races, they are not in control of either. The guys in charge of the human race are the ones also calling the shots.They have a system of getting more gold and so are getting to make all the rules. To be specific they are OWNERS. They own. Pardon my tautology. They own businesses that serve people genuine value and unless they do something wrong that does not benefit humanity, they will never go out of business unless they choose to. They understand that business is all about focus.

Business group portrait - Seven business people working together. A diverse work group.

It has just only one strategy which is to “Deliver Valuable, Recurrently Needed Service/ Product That Can Be Easily used Up and just as Easily Replaced and Over and Over by All and Sundry.” Thus, they run their business in compliance with a Law of Life that states that “Nothing Physical Lasts Forever” – not even diamonds. Also, they realize by another Law of Life that man is destined to grow and that death starts its rapid ascent the day growth stops fully and so they take advantage of the truth that as Man grows in intellect and in body, they improve their ways of doing things – their technology and methodology or tactics. I define technology as a way of doing things. The latest technologies are the latest ways of getting things diverse things done and our latest technologies affect our everyday life including marketing and earning on the internet.

Now to apply these foundations to business, the elite of the human race who do not live by another man’s values stick to the only business strategy – a mix of the spiritual and mental. One that has outlasted any other counterfeit or seem-alike but use the most modern tactics to operate the dictates of the strategy – Valuable, Recurrently Needed products/services that are easily expendable and just as easily replaceable and they charge a fair price for meeting them.So, how does all these relate to internet earnings you may wonder. The true internet earner is one who offers a service or product that is valuable, recurrently needed, easily used up and bought over and over and sells it via the marketplace provided by the internet using an army of people – most of whom who do not see his wisdom but would gladly promote his or her products purely based on the profit they would get as a reward. Forget affiliate marketing, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Multilevel or network marketing or any other means that does not involve you being a product or service owner. Create your own.Listen to names

and a host of other product owners who earn by promoting their products online and who we mistakenly term internet marketers – because first of all, they are not. Do you know that Mike Filsaime is leaving the Internet Guru Business finally to focus on products and services? I hope you get my point. I just recently got it too but the good news is that I got it. Don’t get me wrong. These guys promote other people’s products but that is not their main business. Their main business is … You got it – delivering valuable, recurrently needed easily used up and just as easily replaceable products and services at prices which I believe are fair. Their affiliate business is just by the side. Have you ever thought of why Perry Marshall does not jump into promoting every product out there? The affiliate business model is not sustainable if there are no creators of genuine or even overhyped value. Even for those that claim to be super affiliates, it is because they jump on almost every band wagon but they have one thing going for them. And in fact their core business is not affiliate promotion. No. It is list and trust building and relationship development with their list. Take that away and no super affiliate can sell anything. These guys have been wise enough to spend quality time building their list and getting them to rely on their recommendations and they are careful not to toy with their hard earned credibility.My take is that the way out is to have your own valuable, recurrently needed, easily expended but just as easily replaceable products to promote using an army affiliates. Take a walk down history lane  to the present  – from the earliest merchants to golden era of Andre Carnegie, J.D.


Rockefeller and Henry Ford all the way to Warren Buffet, Bill Gates, Larry Page and Mark Zuckerberg and one thing becomes glaringly clear – OWNERSHIP OF A BUSINESS SYSTEM. That is the only unifying factor.  The ultimate elite of the human race are those who serve humanity and in the process employ their counterparts running the rat race to operate their business systems. These days internet marketing, making money online, earning on the internet are the buzz words but the true internet earner is an owner of a business or businesses first and then uses the latest global platform and market place – the internet to serve more people by doling out his valuable, recurrently needed, easily expended but just as easily replaceable products to promote using an army affiliates.Thanks for reading this. I’d love to hear from you.